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The Angus Herd Donors of Sandpoint Cattle Co. make up our strong foundation, and we always keep their care and quality our top concerns. Please browse through our donors' individual pages to see why we are so proud of them.
  Callaways Blackcap 2013   sandpoint blackcap 6889
  Gar grid maker 704  
  gar new design 930   rita 7m64 of 2536 pred   Rita 1I97  
  SandPoint Blackcap 4536   SandPoint Blackcap S712
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  ■ var blackcap 8039
■ ld Blackcap 8222
■ fv ro22 of rita 3b8
■ riverbend blackcap u347
■ werner blackcap 2357

■ sandpoint blackcap 7770
  Ideal 4465
#1 feed efficiency cow
  sandpiont lady 4465c   sandpiont lady 7872  
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  sandpiont lady 7995
sandpiont lady 8817
  EXAR Primrose 2972   sandpiont primrose 2972c   sandpiont
primrose 7925

  sandpiont primrose 7985        
  A Plus Blackcap 0094   callaways blackcap 0803   A Plus SPT Blackcap 3168  



  sandpoint blackcap 4536          
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  sandpoint blackcap 7944
sandpoint blackcap 7955
  SandPoint Blackcap 8759   whitestone Blackcap v283   debusk Blackcap 3007  
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  sandpoint blackcap 6885  
  deer valley rita 8526   sandpoint rita 8866      
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  sandpoint rita 8845
sandpoint rita 7888
sandpoint rita 7891
sandpoint rita 6712
  Basin Lucy 3059   sandpoint Lucy 8977   Basin Lucy 8593  
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  ■ Basin Lucy 3829  

  sandpoint proud
formera 7913
  Pow of Conanga 677      
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  sandpoint proud formera 7760  
2536 Daughters and Granddaughters
  e & b lady erica 128
maternal sister to
e & b 1680 precision 102
  Three Trees Gammer 5597
maternal sister to
bon view new design 878
& Woodhill foresight
  SandPoint Forever Lady 5367
full sister to
sav traveler 004
  whitestone blackbird v290
maternal sister to
tc gridiron 258
  becky lee of conanga 74
dam of connealy forward
  RF Precision 2221  
  Whitestone Erica U101          
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  ■ sandpoint altune 7894 **full sister to connealy onward
■ sandpoint erica 8831 **full sister to gar retail product
■ whitestone blackbird w207 **maternal sister to tc gridiron 258
■ whitestone blackbird w284 **maternal sister to tc gridiron 258
■ bushs lady 7702 **dam of bushs super trooper 402
■ b/r blackcap empress 1129 **maternal sister to b/r new design 036
■ southern 608 lady 0175 **full sister to cra bextor
■ whitestone blackbird w337 **maternal sister to tc gridiron 258
■ laflins sunset 2077 **dam of laflins northern lights
2536 Daughters and Granddaughters
  isu ms imaging a504   b/r ruby of tiffany 64   everelda entense 0244  
  Donors Not Pictured:  
  Davis Everelda Entense 2174
sunset valley lady 4504
sandpoint bemindful 7866
Thank you for your interest in Sandpoint Cattle Co. We are always excited to hear from our customers, so please let us know if we can help you in anyway. Visitors are always welcome to stop by or give us a call at 308-483-5100.
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